gobizloans sba funding

Interest Rates

6.25% – 7.50%*

gobizloans sba funding

Loan Amount

$30,000 – $5.5 million*

gobizloans sba funding

Loan Terms

10 Years

gobizloans sba funding


Funding in 7 Days

Still Paying 8%+ For Your Business Loan?

We guarantee the best rates, low monthly payments, no prepayment penalties, and no upfront fees.

gobizloans sba funding
Expand Your Business

Grow your business by spending more on marketing, getting a new website, expanding to new markets and launching new products.

gobizloans sba funding
Refinance Debt

Convert high-interest debt into one monthly payment at a fixed rate you can afford, with no early repayment penalties.

gobizloans sba funding
Buy Inventory

Invest in new equipment and fulfill every order through bulk inventory purchases.

gobizloans sba funding
Hire More Employees

Take your business to the next level by expanding your team.

The Best Working Capital Loan. Period.

Our unique approach to underwriting looks at where you business is today and where you’re headed.

gobizloans sba funding
Large Loans, Low Rates. Great Terms.

We help businesses with great credit get SBA loans. Rates start at 6.5% and we fund loans up to $5 million. No other online lender can beat our loan terms guaranteed.

gobizloans sba funding
One Application, Many Lenders.

Complete one, simple application — your application is automatically sent to all relevant SBA lenders. No repeating information. No wasting time.

gobizloans sba funding
Instant Approvals, 7 Day Funding.

Get pre-approved in minutes instead of hours. Start shopping for your business loan sooner. Funding takes just 7 days.

gobizloans sba funding
100% Free Unless Funded.

Don’t worry about hidden fees. Our service is completely free. When you win, we win. We get 2-4% once the loan is funded. In contrast, some online lenders charge fees as high as 20%.

gobizloans sba funding
Commission Free Consultants.

Our team members are consultants not loan brokers. Our team is compensated on positive client outcomes and satisfaction. We’ll never push a loan that isn’t right for you.

gobizloans sba funding
Transparency & Rate Guarantee.

Don’t worry about hidden fees in your loan—we believe in responsible lending. We think all small business owners deserve to be treated with fairness and respect.

Need Capital To Grow Your Business?

We work with businesses of all sizes in hundreds of industries. Here are our minimum qualifications:

2 Years of Business History

For Profit, US Based Business

Business Credit Score of 150+

1.5:1 Business Cash Flow to Debt Ratio

Start-Up SBA Loans for Great Credit / Personal Assets

Loans $30-$150K: Personal FICO of 600+

Loans $150K+: Personal FICO of 675+

No Bankruptcies or Foreclosures on Credit

No Open Tax Liens

Personal Guarantee Required

How It Works

Our application is streamlined and efficient. Pre-qualification takes less than 7 minutes.

Online Application



Pre-Approval & Funding

Ready To Grow Your Business?

It’s free, fast and does not affect your credit score!